百瀬玲亜 「きざしの庭」

百瀬玲亜 「きざしの庭」

Momose Reia  "The Garden with Signs of Spring"

2017/4/15(土) ー 4/30(日)

12:00 ー 19:00(最終日17:00まで)/ 月曜日、火曜日休廊

オープニングレセプション 4/15(土)17:00 ー 19:00

15 April ー 30 April  2017

12:00 ー 19:00 (lastday12:00 ー 17:00) / mon. tues. close

Opening Reception 15 April 17:00 ー 19:00


We are delighted to host this solo exhibition of Reia Momose, at our gallery.


Momose graduated at the Kanazawa College of Art in 2013, during which time she received awards at the Kanazawa Craft Exhibition. She is an up and coming young artist who is searching for a contemporary way to create with Japanese lacquer. Her work was shown in an exhibition at the Kanazawa Yasue Gold Leaf Museum.

The organic forms convey a great sense of energy, yet they remain calm and natural.

The smooth dense gloss and vivacity of color, results from a process of long, careful polishing.

This fascinating exhibition is inspired by the growth and change, in particular the point when buds burst in the natural world.

Her sculptural works, have a great presence within the gallery, redesigning the space around them.

Table ware is also on show.









Whenever I touch a lacquered surface, I am most charmed by its sheen and the feel of it. The lacquered surfaces have unique velvet and silky tactility. Its deep and lustrous quality could not be found in other types of coatings.

As my motivation is to create surfaces that evoke desire to touch, I believe that lacquer is a befitting medium for my creative expression.

To achieve the gleaming coat on the lacquer, I repeatedly color, then polish the works. My whetstone gradually becomes small and thin. I then use a powdery whetstone to finish off the surface. Within the smoothing and polishing process, my hand recognizes any tiny unevenness. During the creation of the work, the subtle, and careful movements of my hand, change the lacquer, and the form slowly emerges. For lacquer art, the smooth tactile nature of the object created is the ultimate goal. Moving away from utilitarian function, I am exploring the charming aspects of lacquer within free formed shapes.

With the use of dry lacquer technique, the shape is build up by overlapping hemp linen in lacquer repeatedly; the surface is then further polished to achieve the gleaming top coat. Both are commonly used orthodox techniques. The surface feels like its wrapped in an incredible coating that looks resemble the surface of water. The pursue of form and color in the charm of lacquer can be expressed as a further sublimated object from the lacquer on the mere surface, believing that this can show the new power of the lacquer.

This work is about capturing that moment within the blooming and sprouting, growth process. I am trying to express this moment using different density and depth of color and light. With these strong, yet transient forms, I hope to bring fresh air into the gallery.

Although the changes in the structure are small and subtle, they are all significant and are an important part of the process of growth. It is this ephemeral nature in the life of plants that connects and joins different generations.

I am enjoying the excitement of spring, the season of buds, and I hope my plants can create that feeling in this gallery.




1987 長野県松本市生まれ

2011 金沢美術工芸大学工芸科卒業

2013 金沢美術工芸大学大学院美術工芸研究科修士前期課程修了


2016 金沢卯辰山工芸工房修了



2017 「アートフェア東京2016」東京国際フォーラム(東京)

2016 「若き気鋭の工芸家たち」社団法人日本アート評価保存協会(東京)





2015 「第71回金沢市工芸展」世界工芸都市宣言記念賞受賞(金沢)


      「Japan Spirit×15 ~URUSHI~」オリエ アート・ギャラリー(東京)



2014 「アートフェア東京2014」東京国際フォーラム(東京)

      「雨奇晴好 ―硝子 陶 漆」Gallery惺SATORU(東京)

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      「2012 薄井歩 百瀬玲亜 二人展―楽境―」カフェギャラリーミュゼ(金沢)

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